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Where to sleep in Walata
  There are several establishments in Walata where we can put up during our stay. These are traditional local homes where we can live in a genuine Walata atmosphere and enjoy our hosts' hospitality. The following is a list of the guest houses to be found in the city:

Auberge Tayib / Gamni

Auberge Tayib / Gamni. Six rooms, one shower and three toilets are the facilities offered by this guest house. This really is a very charming place to stay, made up of two fully restored traditional houses. The installations are well cared for and the atmosphere is very friendly.

Auberge de l’Amitié

Auberge de l’Amitié. This establishment has four rooms, one shower and two toilets. The family atmosphere, friendly owner and simple premises ensures we have a pleasant stay.

Auberge KSAR . LThis is where Walata's most distinguished visitors stay. Though not the guest house that best recreates life in Walata, it certainly has good—and the most expensive—facilities.

  Auberge KSAR  Auberge KSAR  Auberge KSAR  
  Auberge Salem. This house, in the very heart of the old city, is not the best-known lodging place, though the facilities are acceptable..

Auberge KSAR  Auberge KSAR  Auberge KSAR  
  Auberge Grain Rakaie. This guest house stands out at first because it is outside the old centre and is not one of the typical Walata houses, though the infrastructure is correct and it is the only establishment, apart from the camping site, that has an area set aside as a dining-room/restaurant.

Camping du Jardin. The Walata farming cooperative owns the only camping site in the area, which is to be found beside the farming belt. Its bungalows and tents make it the ideal place to spend a few days if we are travelling in a group. Furthermore, the owners will prepare our meals with locally grown fruit and vegetables.

  Camping du Jardin  Camping du Jardin    


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