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Tourist agencies inMauritania
  Finding out the best way to get to Walata, knowing which are the best roads for getting around Mauritania on, not getting lost in the most interesting parts of the country... in planning a journey of this sort by yourself you can definitely get very valuable information from the tourist agencies in Nouakchott.
If you want to get the most out of your stay in this country we recommend you visit some of the tourist agencies operating in this area. Their professional competence will help make your experience of the cultural, patrimonial and natural wealth on offer in the wonderful city of Walata and other Mauritanian towns as enjoyable and as trouble-free as possible.

On account of their professionalism and on the basis of our own experience of working with them on our trips to Walata and the surrounding region, we recommend the following agency:

Proservices Tour
BP: 4512 – Nouakchott. Mauritanie
27 Ilot T, Tevragh Zeina
Tel. 00 222 529 56 57


But you can also compare the prices and services of some of the agencies in Nouakchott which are available to us for our travels in Mauritania:

Alsahara & Nabhani Voyages
Zaen 436 de Tevragh Zeina
Nouakchott. Mauritanie
Tel. / fax.: 00 222 5295527
Tel.: 6306207
Hayoun Nabhani

Pza. España, 18 29º-8
28008 Madrid. España
Tel.: 34-91-5474794
Fax.: 34-91-5594394
Mobile phone: 34- 639000414


If you would like more information before travelling to Walata, write to us
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