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Thinks to do in Walata
  Walata has an impressive architectural, archaeological and cultural heritage, but this is not its only wealth. Walata and the surrounding area are also rich in magnificent desert landscapes which are well worth enjoying. Get ready for all the things you can do during your stay in this Mauritanian town. This is what we suggest:

  • Get to know the historical centre of Walata thanks to a cultural tour that takes in, amongst other places of interest, a visit to the Museum, the manuscript Library, Gdonou Square, the Cultural Centre and the Mosque, as well as strolling through the streets, contemplating and even visiting its spectacular traditional houses.

    Plaza Gdnou  Museum

  • Visit the Walata Farming Cooperative, whose belt of farmland, some five hectares, and the camping site support 55 families in Walata.

  • Take camel rides in the area around Walata and visit the French fort—a wonderful place for learning something about the region's colonial past—, the oued to the north of the city, the batha and the wells.

    camellos en batha  pozos en walata  camellos bebiendo

  • Visit the Dhar with a guide and visit the neolitihic city of Kidit Lejeluat and Derb Limame Elmahjub, which tell the history of Walata and all its activity as a caravan city.

    Aldea Neolítica  Aldea Neolítica  

  • Outings to visit the towns and places nearest Walata in which the archaeological remains and the natural beauty blend into the countryside before the eyes of the visitor: Tizzeght, Shuergde and Touecritt.

    Rupestre art  Rupestre art  

  • You can contact the Walata Tourist Information.

    Tourist information  


If you would like more information before travelling to Walata, write to us
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