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WALATA, the beautiful city of caravans,,
is considered heir to the empire of Ghana, the legendary land of gold.

Its beginnings go back to the stone age, although its great splendour can be dated to between the XI and XVII centuries.

Its undoubtedly peculiar architecture and the mural decoration of its houses are unique examples of their kind. With its extraordinary cultural heritage, the city of Walata, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and its natural surroundings make up an enormously attractive and interesting enclave for the visitor.

Straddling the Sahara and the sahel, the greenery, the rocks and the dunes model the varied landscape of the region, while Walata, a millenarian city, climbs the hillside following narrow winding streets that protect it from the strong sun.

In the framework of a project for the all-round development of the city, Cooperación Española, through the NGO Món-3, is carrying out an experiment in sustainable tourism respecting the environment and giving special importance to cultural aspects, with the object of contributing to the region's socio-economic recovery and the rediscovery of this splendid forgotten city.

The adventure, in all its facets, is a great attraction in this varied region.

World Heritage Site


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