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In planning our trip to Walata, it will help if we find out about a few practical aspects of interest for tourists travelling in Mauritania: documentation, vaccinations, climate... all those things that will make our stay in the country easier.

To be able to get into Mauritania we need a passport with at least three months validity and an obligatory visa which takes about 10 to 15 days to get. It costs 53.05 Euros and involves filling in an application form and submitting it with two photographs.
The address of the Mauritanian Embassy in Spain is:

c/ Velázquez , 90
28006 Madrid.

Tel.: 91 575 70 07.
The only other diplomatic office this country has in Europe is in France and the contact details are:
5, rue de Montevideo.
75116 París.

Tel.: +331

To avoid having to worry about possible health problems during our trip to Mauritania we should bear in mind that vaccination against yellow fever and precautionary measures such as malaria prevention are recommended. Medical services specialising in this field of health can provide ample information on all this.

The climate is another important factor in this country. For our own comfort during our entire tour of Mauritania, we should remember that although it is hot during the day it cools down at night. Our luggage should therefore include warm clothes, lighter wear, comfortable shoes, sun glasses, a hat, a shawl and even a bathing suit so that we can cool off during the hottest part of the day.

It is very important to remember that credit cards are not accepted in Mauritania, and you are advised to carry Euros in cash to avoid money problems.


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