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Warm hospitality
  Walata has splendid, beautifully decorated architecture; the natural surroundings of Walata are incredible; Walata has an important cultural legacy... praise for the city by those who know it is endless and very varied, but everyone agrees on one thing: the warm, friendly welcome they receive from its inhabitants. Thanks to this we can immerse ourselves in its culture and its way of life, which are so different from our own.

The people of Walata are open, hospitable and generous. They receive travellers with a smile and happily share their food, shelter and celebrations with them. With their special personality they create a special atmosphere that surrounds us and helps us disconnect from our Western world. We will be helplessly seduced by the dark sky full of stars, the landscape of the desert and the friendly people of Walata.

At the same time, we mustn't forget the city's nomadic tradition, which also makes its influence felt in the cheerful character of the inhabitants of Walata. For the nomads, the feast is a feeling of social cohesion and here the singing, clapping and drums fill the atmosphere, creating a burst of energy which will live for ever in our memory.


Walata is a small community with a long urban tradition. The commercial activities of the inhabitants are related to the livestock market, next to the batha, the riverbed separating the city centre from the outlying neighbourhoods. The Muslim religion is also present in the life of the people of Walata, with its most characteristic rituals, like communal prayer on Fridays and the month of Ramadan. All the traditional ceremonies celebrated in Walata show the profound loyalty of this community to the basic precepts of Islam and their allegiance to the 'umma, the community of Muslim believers.


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